Survival needs can range from an emergency, a disaster, a horrible storm, a war, or even just a day alone with your children. It could be an extended delay of your flight and you are stuck in an airport or on a runway.  In any case, we have provided ideas and content to help you deal with some common needs.  Donate or Please Install the Survival Kit and get a copy of all these useful files to all your computers.

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Call 911 if this is a life threatening emergency if you can.  

First Aid   Guide

Cookbook by multiple authors:   Cookbook.pdf   A good meal is happiness!

Want to Read?  List the Classic Books   Read and escape into a new world!

Listen to Music and feel happy, calm your nerves!

How to do List     Like subjects on how to pick a lock, make a fire, deliver a baby, and more!

Maps to help you find your way.

Military Guide on Survival    multiservice_ser_manual_1999.pdf

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction (52KB)
    Chapter 2 - Psychology of Survival (56KB)
    Chapter 3 - Survival Planning and Survival Kits (29KB)
    Chapter 4 - Basic Survival Medicine (248KB)
    Chapter 5 - Shelters (310KB)
    Chapter 6 - Water Procurement (235KB)
    Chapter 7 - Firecraft (182KB)
    Chapter 8 - Food Procurement (579KB)
    Chapter 9 - Survival Use of Plants (172KB)
    Chapter 10 - Poisonous Plants (34KB)
    Chapter 11 - Dangerous Animals (81KB)
    Chapter 12 - Field-Expedient Weapons, Tools, and Equipment (198KB)
    Chapter 13 - Desert Survival (99KB)
    Chapter 14 - Tropical Survival (100KB)
    Chapter 15 - Cold Weather Survival (244KB)
    Chapter 16 - Sea Survival (455KB)
    Chapter 17 - Expedient Water Crossing (154KB)
    Chapter 18 - Field-Expedient Direction Finding (84KB)
    Chapter 19 - Signaling Techniques (208KB)
    Appendix A - Survival Kits (138KB)
    Appendix B - Edible and Medicinal Plants (19,153KB)
    Appendix C - Poisonous Plants (2,196KB)
    Appendix D - Dangerous Insects and Arachnids (140KB)
    Appendix E - Poisonous Snakes and Lizards (23,430KB)
    Appendix F - Dangerous Fish and Mollusks (246KB)
    Appendix G - Clouds - Foretellers of Weather (761KB)
    Appendix H - Contingency Plan of Action Format (35KB)


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